Release History - DeDuplicator for Heritrix 3

The following is a list of releases of the DeDuplicator for Heritrix 3. For Heritrix 1 see here.

There are no stable releases of DeDuplicator for Heritrix 3. The current SNAPSHOT build is believed stable.

3.0.0 (Stable)

This release is compatible with Heritrix 3.0.0-3.2.0. It is also mostly compatible with Heritrix 3.3.0-SNAPSHOT builds created before July 21st 2014.

Heritrix 3.3.0 changes greatly how the WarcWriterProcessor and statistics trackers handle duplicates. This is mostly a good thing, but it does mean that the DeDuplicator will need to be updated and users will need to make sure to use a version of the DeDuplicator that is compatible with their version of Heritrix.

This stable release is built against Heritrix 3.2.0, but is essentially the same as the 20131122 snapshot build against Heritrix 3.1.0-RC1 that is available below.


This version is compiled against Heritrix 3.1.0-RC1 and should work with any 3.1.X version.

Now only considers 2XX successes, ignores 3XX redirects when checking for duplicates.

See also notes on previous SNAPSHOT release as they still apply.



This version is compiled against Heritrix 3.0.0.

It also updates to use Lucene 3.0.2 (from 2.0.0). Please note that changes in the Lucene library mean that memory usage will be approximately 40% greater than before. Memory usage appears to be approximately 5 bytes per URL in index, as compared to 3.6 bytes per URL previously. Query times have however improved significantly and are now fixed time without regard for the index size. For large indexes this can mean as much as 10-30 times shorter query times. Building indexes is also much faster (approximately 3-4 times as fast).

Currently the DeDupFetchHTTP processor has not been converted.

An option has been added to the DigestIndexer making it possible to not index documents whose size falls below a configurable threshold.